Become a Driving Instructor
Become a driving instructor

Become a Driving Instructor


Become a Driving InstructorDo you want to become a driving instructor? Each year thousands of people qualify to become a driving instructor. You can even train around your current job.

To become a driving instructor can give you the freedom to arrange your working hours around your family or other commitments as well as providing you with a comfortable wage and the satisfaction of teaching others.

Our mission is to give you the basic facts about becoming a driving instructor to help you make up your mind if it is right career for you and if you decide it is we can point you in the direction of your nearest driving instructor training provider.  


What you Need to Become a Driving Instructor

become a qualified driving instructorIf you want to know how to become a driving instructor there are several things that you need to bear in mind. To undertake driving instructor training you need to have a current UK driving license and must have held it for at least 3 years. Ideally you will have no more than 6 points on your license. Anymore than this may make it harder for you to reach your goal to become a driving instructor.

You will also need to be a “people person”. Becoming a driving instructor can be a rewarding experience and being able to effectively communicate is essential in helping your students pass their test.

Setting out on your journey to become a driving instructor can seem pretty daunting, however help is at hand in the form of Driving Instructor Franchises. There are many different driving instructor franchise providers in the UK. We have found Red Driving school offer a complete package that can assist you at every step of the way (and beyond) in your quest to become a driving instructor.

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Find a Driving Instructor Course Near you Become a Driving Instructor Register Your mto become a driving instructor Earn up to £600 per week as a driving instructor